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When any business is expanding it is good to know that your service provider will back you up. As a part of our Customer Loyalty Program, we are happy to back up any future Hosting needs that you might have. Whether you are an individual broadening your interests and expanding your on-line presence or a growing multi billion business, we will be happy to give you discount you deserve on every future purchase of a JSP Hosting account from us.

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Did you know ?

It is not always true that the more you spend the more you get. When you purchase any of the extra accounts with ITA Network Solutions you spend less than everywhere else for the same account plus you get points towards your ITA Reward Club account and you might end up with a FREE year on your primary JSP Hosting account with ITA Network Solutions.

What if I get a larger account?

That is even better. The larger the account you purchase, the better the discount and the more ITA Reward Points you get !

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No! At ITA Network Solutions we clearly state the costs of our services and there are no hidden costs involved.

So how does this all work, so cheap ?

We are the world's first low cost JSP Hosting Provider - that is how. Just choose, sign-up and enjoy your JSP Hosting account and full JSP Support 24/7.

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ITA Network Solutions is a part of ITA Group International. A highly perspective International Group of companies formed in 1990 and nowadays consisting of five companies, working in different areas of the business world. However ITA Group is mainly concentrated in the Information Technologies and Telecommunications.

ITA Network Solutions was founded in 2002 and its main goal was to bring shared web hosting solutions to final customers and companies that need high quality hosting service and 24/7 support at the lowest possible price. ITA Group has made strong investments in ITA Network Solutions to make sure that customers receive the best possible service by choosing the state-of-the-art equipment and professional team to deal with it. The Management Team soon realized that there is a market niche for a low cost JSP Hosting provider on the e-market and the company's main goal was to focus and become one of the first fully supported low cost JSP Hosting Provider running on UNIX servers that provides full support. The company's short term plans were accomplished and the company is now one of the leading providers of UNIX JSP Hosting on the e-market worldwide.

Our team of professional young people is trained to provide support for JSP Hosting and is working non-stop to ensure that there are no "break-downs" and to guarantee a 99% server uptime to our clients. Our Support Team is working hard to provide answers to customer queries as soon as they are received in our "Support Center" and by that ensure their maximum satisfaction. Here in ITA Network Solutions we realize that the best advertisement method that man can invent is the satisfied customer and we believe in it !

More information about ITA Network Solutions and ITA Group International can be obtained by mailing our Sales Team.

Company Status, Performance and Financial independance

ITA Network Solutions is a registered Limited Company with a 60% share of ITA Group. We are a debt free company with no outstanding balances to any supplier of goods and services or any person or bank institution and the company has covered all tax charges, that has been set so far. The company's steady growth is under strict control of shareholders and financial consultants from HSBC Bank. All premises and equipment are owned by the company. The company's Headquarters is based in London, United Kingdom with representative offices all around Europe and in the USA. All merchant solutions that ITA Network Solutions is using are provided by carefully selected third parties. We are currently working in association with the following merchant providers:

Barclays Bank

Copies of the Company Annual Reports can be obtained by writting to our Sales Team.

Quality assurance

As a JSP Hosting Service Provider ITA Network Solutions is working hard to ensure that we achieve the best possible quality of service. In 2006 our "Support Center" has been certified by ISO9001.

Investor in People

ITA Network Solutions believes in young people as them to be our future. That is the main driving force for us to try and help as much as we can. We are working in close co-operation with several different non-profit international organization and higher educational institutions in the United Kingdom and in Europe which help stimulate young people and help them build a successful carrer.

We are currently working in cooperation with:

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand the economics of life. In partnership with business and educators, Junior Achievement brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their potential.

EBSL Entrepreneurs' Club


EBSL Entrepreneurs' Club is held within the European Business School at Regent's College in London.

If you are a non-profit organization that is interested in wokring together for the brighter future of young people, please write to us.

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